Passing Stories

You don’t know what’s real until it happens to you chile… 

In Passing Stories, nine year old Peanut’s life is changed after her grandmother, whom she calls Tittyboo, tells her about the safe keeper of stories, Mother Shannon. Peanut is lead on an adventure of story telling as Tittyboo weaves together some of the many stories kept safe by Mother Shannon. The telling passes along from narrator to narrator within the story to build a picture that Peanut herself must complete.

Inspired by traditional Arabic structures of storytelling infused with Southern American, Creole, and African folktales, Passing Stories is an ode to the oral tradition of narrative storytelling using uniquely visual means.


PROJECT STATUS: Post Production 


4 thoughts on “Passing Stories

  1. Hannah,

    I met you at the MPEG meetup at Warm Daddy’s earlier this summer. I just stumbled upon this project and it looks really awesome. I love how you’re blending multiple art disciplines with filmmaking. I consider myself a ‘composer’, first and foremost, before a ‘filmmaker’. So this concept really strikes me.

    I would love to be a part of this project if you need music. I specialize in dramatic film scores. Since your film is about story telling, I think my orchestral composing skills could really help enhance the drama of the stories especially when intertwined with folk/ethnic music.

    Check out my music on my website and see if anything interests you. I’d love to chat a bit about what you have going on.

    Talk you later,

  2. Hello I am intrigued by this film mostly because of my West Indian, Creole roots, but you can sense the suspense. I did submit for part in film but again as an avid reader & writer I can’t wait to see the production. :) Great Luck!!!

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